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DeSantis positions himself as Trump without the tantrums

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ran slightly ahead of Donald Trump in a straw poll over the weekend at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, with 74% saying they would approve of DeSantis as a presidential candidate in 2024 compared to 71% for Trump.

According to the Washington Times:

DeSantis has become a sort of Donald Trump without the Twitter tantrums.

As the GOP debates its future following four tumultuous years of President Trump, Mr. DeSantis has flashed a refined brand of Trumpism that captures the hard-charging policies but with fewer self-inflicted rhetorical wounds.

It’s proving popular with both members of the MAGA movement and GOP establishment figures who aren’t rarin’ to go full-Trump.

“He has become an absolute rockstar among center-right voters and conservative voters,” said Peter Feaman, a member of the Republican National Committee from Florida. “All I have to do is mention his name and the rooms immediately burst out in applause.”

What do you think of DeSantis?

15 thoughts on “DeSantis positions himself as Trump without the tantrums”

    1. Well if your “neighbor” always votes for the Democrats then what exactly is your point? You know DeSantis is a Republican, right?

      1. He knows Biden is a Democrat and doing things to tear down America. But my neighbor does not like Trump one bit. Of course I know DeSantis is Republican.

  1. Remember that ‘Hispanic” voter the Dems have been promoting and supporting? Gee, is the Gov “Hispanic”, why yes he is.

  2. DeSantis needs to be strong in his commitments but calm enough to take the heat. During Covid he struck that tone, can he keep it going?

    1. I’m.very interested in DeSantis. His age, poise, intellect, and achievements are appealing.. Self-control is necessary in a world leader.

  3. DeSantis was not a protector of constitutional freedoms… sure he was a more benevolent dictator compared to others but he closed businesses and was the same sort of swamp creature that he professes to be against.

  4. He would have my vote. I like that he’s not bombastic. His manner is Trump 2.0 without the combative rhetoric yet still the matters of fact Trump stance. He seems poised to be ready should he choose to run. I would hope that Trump would not run and see the need to back DeSantis. I believe the entire MAGA movement will back him along with the remainder of the RINOS and the democrats, socialist, and even the Marxist would have no ability to raise objections.
    I want America to stop being so divided. I believe DeSantis could actually accomplish that. That will not happen should Trump run, and the cheating would certainly continue on a grand scale vs the leftist routine cheating.

    1. Not running Trump is a defeat – it says that the left can change your behavior – they own us – damn the torpedoes – Nuts! – and many other quotes come to mind – you have to destroy your opponent – not compromise or ‘get along’ – you end up with all the idiotic leftist ideals – too many to mention. … live free or die….

  5. DeSantis is not a true Conservative and he has done some things that wasn’t for Conservatives. Course all do that. We need President Trump in office. He was the best President in my lifetime.

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