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Biden at the Putin summit: I came, I saw, I got conquered

From a piece I have running today in the Daily Caller:

It was a bad idea from the start for President Joe Biden to reward Putin for Russia’s hostile behavior towards America with a high-profile diplomatic rendezvous in Geneva.

Biden’s lack of preparedness and minimal understanding of what he was getting himself and the country into were obvious, judging from the amateurish description of his goals: “I will tell Putin what I want him to know.”

Behind closed doors, during the perfunctory tête-à-tête with Moscow’s strongman, Biden rattled off a laundry list of issues that have been “poisoning” (pun intended) the Moscow-Washington relationship. But when it came to sparring with the Russian judo master publicly, Biden foolishly refused to hold a joint press conference with him. Having failed to man up and defend America’s values, Biden let Putin run a massive disinformation campaign and denigrate our country in the process. The leader of the free world was upstaged by Moscow’s Czar with no interference whatsoever. Even Putin didn’t anticipate being granted such a propaganda coup.

Putin didn’t waste the chance offered him by the White House and desperate media to insult America and Americans. He did what a KGB operative is trained to do: deflect, deny, deceive and counter. Putin laughed off the NBC interviewer’s questions about his responsibility for the killings of Russian dissidents and journalists.

You can read the rest of the piece here.

3 thoughts on “Biden at the Putin summit: I came, I saw, I got conquered”

  1. A few generations ago, the newly elected President Kennedy met with the Soviet Premier Khrushchev. Kennedy was a Harvard educated “gentleman,” Khrushchev a high school educated brawler. It went about as well as you would expect, and Kennedy himself admitted to his advisors that Khrushchev considered him a weakling and would act on that assumption. No doubt Putin came away with a similar reading of weakness in Biden. Hopefully the results will be less dire, but I would not bet on that.

    1. At least JFK had the excuse of inexperience . . . Biden has been in politics longer than Kennedy had been alive at that point! Unfortunately for our country, it’s like multiplying by zero when it comes to Biden.

  2. Your piece in the Daily Caller is excellent, Rebekah. It seems to me that the only thing predictable about evil minded putin is that one can predict that he will be unpredictable. Senile joe prepared for the meeting with Putin by lifting sanctions on Nord Stream II and killing our Keystone Pipeline. That was a wonderful gift to putin. Putin must be saying to his entourage “this biden guy is an idiot!”

    The kremlin (and China) keep close tabs on everything that is happening in the U S and they use it against us with great efficacy. For example, senile joe claims America is a racist country. Putin lectures the USA whenever we bring up civil rights in Russia by saying “clean up your act first in America, before you start lecturing us on civil rights”

    I believe there is actual warfare right now between Russia (and China) and us. It’s not the usual type of warfare, that is, tanks, soldiers, etc., rather it’s cyber warfare. We, in the USA, for the first time in our history are now exposed to continuous attacks (which is happening right now) right in our homeland. Previously, for example in WWII, the vast oceans protected us. Now with this internet world, we are now vulnerable. The Russians and Chinese are using use this cyber weapon with great efficiency.

    The policy by senile joe and his America-hating enablers are making it easy for putin and the Chinese dictator to continue using cyber warfare to its full advantage.

    With other actions by the evil biden regime, such as open borders and massive national debt, we are at great risk. If this is not stopped, our country will collapse. China and putin will celebrate to no end. Woe not only to us but to the rest of the world.

    This evil biden regime and their House and Senate counterparts must be deprived of their control at the next elections. This will happen provided the elections are not rigged.

    In the meantime, for those of faith, our only hope is in prayers for our country, our children and our grandchildren.

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