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Biden Justice Department goes after state transgender laws affecting youths

One of these laws bans giving chemicals to youths to change their sex. Biden thinks that’s discrimination.

According to Fox News:

The Justice Department argued in court filings Thursday that GOP-backed laws related to the rights of transgender youth in West Virginia and Arkansas are unconstitutional, setting up a likely legal clash in the coming months.

Federal attorneys asserted in a statement of interest filing that a West Virginia law banning transgender youth athletes from participating in women’s sports was unconstitutional under the Fourteenth Amendment and Title IX of Education Amendments of 1972. The Justice Department argued the law should be overturned.

The Justice Department made a similar argument in a statement of interest on a lawsuit related to a law in Arkansas, which banned “gender-affirming care” such as hormone therapy and puberty blockers for transgender youth.

“Prohibiting medically necessary care in the manner proscribed by Act 626 amounts to intentional discrimination against transgender minors on the basis of sex,” the DOJ said.

3 thoughts on “Biden Justice Department goes after state transgender laws affecting youths”

  1. What they are doing to children (minors) isn’t medicine or medical treatment it’s Frankenstein experiments.
    So, let a boy wear a dress, he doesn’t need any alteration to his body that he might regret later.
    A girl can just wear the boots and jeans and be a ‘masculine’ as she likes.

    When these children become adults, they can choose whatever they wish done to their bodies.

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