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Video || Biden snaps at CNN’s Kaitlan Collins

He gets all angry, and she’s not even treating him nearly in the way she did President Trump.

Biden later apologized for being “a wise guy.”

5 thoughts on “Video || Biden snaps at CNN’s Kaitlan Collins”

    1. Yes, and it’s a spine that exposes senile joe’s disrespect, arrogance and quickness to display unjustified anger. Undesirable qualities for a person who is the Head of State of the United States of America. Undesirable qualities which make this guy the laughing stock of the world.

      1. Yes! Touchy Feely Rapey Murdering Dog Faced Pony Joe Biden is the joke of the world! He is dragging the U S down every chance he gets. Maybe he will die soon!

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking, Marge M. It’s a damn if he croaks, damn if he doesn’t situation, a lose-lose situation. To turn a bad dream into a veritable nightmare, pelosa is 3rd in line to the presidency. This is why the midterms coming up next year are so critical. We’ll vote self-righteous pelosa and cryin’ schumer out of power … provided it’s a fair election, that is, not rigged.

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