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Video || Biden flashcards in Brussels feature anti-Trump talking points

Politics is supposed to stop at the water’s edge.

But from this it’s clear that not only did Biden go after his political opponents while in Europe, he planned it ahead of time.

Biden has been around for decades. He knows the custom and even complained when he felt Donald Trump violated it.

4 thoughts on “Video || Biden flashcards in Brussels feature anti-Trump talking points”

  1. Biden is all about Biden. Period. Between America and Biden, he’ll choose . . . . .

    One thing that comes through in Jill Biden’s children’s book is how attention seeking and supremely confident young Joey is. Nothing has changed.

  2. Hi Rebekah,

    Is the video in this post satire, or did Joe Biden’s notecards really say that? In today’s world, I don’t know what to believe anymore. Thank you for clarifying.

    1. We’ve heard Joe reading and then saying “I’m not supposed to….do this, or I’ll get in trouble for saying …”comments in the past as he reads from the teleprompters.

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