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Biden DOJ reinstates asylum for reasons beyond government oppression

It’s now permitted for claims related to gang activity. Which of course makes one wonder if Biden will allow asylum for people from New York and Chicago.

According to the Washington Times:

The Justice Department on Wednesday expanded the types of cases that can qualify for asylum, revoking two Trump-era decisions that had restricted claims based on domestic violence or gang activity in migrants’ home countries.

Attorney General Merrick Garland’s decision could reopen the door to more cases that involved people fleeing their own families or local communities.

The Trump administration had argued it was returning to the original intent of the asylum system that envisioned people fleeing actual government persecution, rather than gang violence or domestic abuse claims that are common in most countries.

But immigrant-rights advocates say the asylum system had been able to accommodate those claims for some years before Mr. Trump, and can do so again.

“Rescinding these cruel decisions is the first critical step to returning to our humanitarian obligations,” said Kate Melloy Goettel, legal director of litigation at the American Immigration Council.

4 thoughts on “Biden DOJ reinstates asylum for reasons beyond government oppression”

  1. While I feel sorry for anyone suffering from domestic abuse or gang violence, I fail to understand why it is the duty of the United States to save the victims. Surely it is up to the governments and the law enforcement agencies of the countries involved to deal with the problems?

    1. Thank you for your common sense, I wish you were in charge of immigration. Our country shouldn’t be the world’s babysitter, cop or parent.

  2. One question I have is this: If these people fm Ctrl America want to go to a safe place to escape domestic violence or gang violence, why don’t they go to Mexico where the culture and language is basically the same? There are parts of Mexico that are safe, free of drug cartel control.

    Why then make a dangerous journey all the way to the USA border? I think we know the answer to that. It’s the generous welfare, free education, free medical care, free money by having kids born in the USA, free food (food stamps), etc, etc. They don’t get those things in MEX so it’s not worth it ending the journey there.

    Also, there are already millions of illegals in the USA who are either related or good friends and who have established themselves in the USA. So the newly arrived illegals (and these include children traveling alone) have a destination, a person or persons who will welcome them into their illegal community, a “promised land” obtained not by virtue but by illegality, greed and corruption. And, the worse part is this: they are being helped and encouraged by our own gov’t, a corrupt Federal Gov’t that couldn’t care less about the great harm this policy is doing to our Nation.

    May God help our Nation and it’s hard working, tax paying citizens and to our children and grandchildren.

    1. Very well stated JG. I too, worry about my adult children and grandchildren and how all of this will affect their futures.

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