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Video || Biden’s worrying press conference in Brussels

President Biden’s foreign travel appears to have made him weary and more prone than ever to make gaffes. Remember, his finger is always on the nuclear button, whether he is tired or not.

Here are a few outtakes from his disastrous press conference following the NATO meeting in Brussels.

First, he confused Libya with Syria – several times. His staff later acknowledged that he meant to say Syria when he said Libya.

Is he doing this privately as well?

And then there was this odd remark about people not knowing what Covid is. You know, that secret disease that has spread around the world and killed millions of people.

Well, it was a secret until China literally let the secret out.

And then there is the constant refrain about getting in “trouble” with his staff. Not terribly consistent with the sense of command a president is supposed to exude.

2 thoughts on “Video || Biden’s worrying press conference in Brussels”

  1. Putin must be laughing his butt off. He’s probably thinking to himself “And, I’ll be meeting with this senile ol’ man. What a joke! He’s no match to me!” Senile joe does not represent America. He is a fake, illegitimate representative, masquerading as President of the USA. He was not elected; we didn’t want him. BUT, when an election is rigged …..

  2. This is a perfect example of the King parading around without clothes.

    It’s doublethink.

    Surely we all see the same thing,

    but some of us pretend that we don’t.

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