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Will Biden apologize for falsely saying Trump tear-gassed people for a photo op?

No, he won’t. But he should.

Here’s what Joe Biden tweeted during the campaign.

A BIDEN ADMINISTRATION inspector general’s report concluded that the plan to clear the park was ordered to be carried out before anyone knew Trump would enter it.

What’s more, these were not “peaceful protestors.” According to the IG, 49 US Park Police officers were injured during the protest.

Not to mention, this (non-) journalist got it wrong too.

2 thoughts on “Will Biden apologize for falsely saying Trump tear-gassed people for a photo op?”

  1. Of course, he will not apologize! The thought won’t even cross his mind. This is a morally corrupt, professional politician who will shamelessly lie, plagiarize, mislead, a politician who will consistently make hypocritical remarks and inflict division, pain and suffering without remorse, no matter how many Americans lose their jobs, no matter how much it hurts the country. The condition of onset of senility makes this decrepit old being even more dangerous, a condition that makes it easier for his American-hating enablers to manipulate an already corrupt politician.

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