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Never Trumper wins GOP gubernatorial primary in New Jersey

Well, it’s New Jersey. It’s a wonderful state, but not exactly Trump country.

Although it does look like the pro-Trump GOP vote was split.

According to the Washington Times:

The most fervent supporters of former President Donald Trump fell short Tuesday in their underdog bids for the GOP gubernatorial nomination in New Jersey, but left with some bragging rights after collecting a sizable share of the vote.

Former State Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli proved to be a better fit for the deep-blue state after navigating a tricky four-way primary battle in which he was branded a “Never Trumper” and his rivals touted their devotion to the former president.

Bolstered by a massive fundraising advantage and broad support from the state’s GOP establishment, Mr. Ciattarelli was declared the winner by the New York Times and other news outlets about two hours after the polls closed at 8 p.m.

With 66% of the vote counted, Mr. Ciattarelli had 49.1% of the vote.

Phil Rizzo, a pastor, and Hirsh Singh, an engineer, were locked in a tight battle for second place after battling it out for the Trump mantle during the race.

Mr. Rizzo had 25.4% of the vote, and Mr. Singh had 22.4%

Former Franklin Mayor Brian Levine was lagging far behind with 3.1% of the vote.

Mr. Ciattarelli moves on to face Gov. Phil Murphy. The Democrat did not face a primary and remains popular in the state.

Mr. Ciattarelli’s focus on state’s high property taxes and Mr. Murphy’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic proved to be enough to overcome his complicated history with Mr. Trump in the primary.

In 2015, Mr. Ciattarelli called the tycoon and then-presidential candidate a “charlatan.”

2 thoughts on “Never Trumper wins GOP gubernatorial primary in New Jersey”

  1. Well, I hope he can embrace Trump’s agenda and accomplishments. So many never-Trumpers are obsessed with Trump’s personality rather than his vision AND successful actions.

    Never Trumpers don’t seem to realize that Trump’s personality was needed to stand up to progressive bullies who had been railroading America for decades.

    1. Well said Teresa. In addition to bullies of the progressive kind there are so many other kinds of bullies that President Trump exposed. For this, many became not only never-trumpers but outright Trump-haters. Some of these other kinds are the political correct, the cancel culture, the Establishment, the snow flakes, the identity politics activists, the Critical Race Theorists just to name a few more. To all these bullies, President Trump’s great accomplishments, like you said, meant nothing. They focused on his “personality” as if these bullies had immaculate “personalities”. It’s a crazy and dangerous world.

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