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Apparent mistake leads to fawning question for Harris in Mexico

Surely, Vice President Harris is delighted with the mistake. The reporter said it was an “honor” to ask a question, and BTW, “I voted for you!”

According to Fox News:

At Harris’ press conference in Mexico City, one of the questions came from a person identified as a reporter for Univision and was widely mocked as the height of press fawning over the administration.

Harris, who had just met with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, was addressing reporters when she turned to “Maria Fernanda of Univision.”

There’s only one problem. Fernanda, whose full name is Maria Fernanda Reyes, is not a reporter for Univision . . .

There is, however, a Univision reporter named Maria Fernanda Lopez who is based in Miami. When contacted by Fox News on Tuesday she replied in part, “My name is Maria Fernanda LOPEZ, I have never traveled in my life to Mexico.”

She said she was shocked to even be called on. Here is what she asked:

“For me, it’s an honor because I actually got to vote for the first time as nationalized citizens, and I voted for you,” she said. “My question is, what would you say to these women, those mothers and also women of color on both sides of the border, farmers, many of them who I see every day as a message of hope but also as–what will you do for them in the next coming years?”

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