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Video || Kamala Harris laughs and lies when asked if she has been to the border

“We’ve been to the border,”Vice President Harris told NBC’s Lester Holt.

But Holt is enough of a newsman not to accept the deception. “We” apparently does not include Harris.

You haven’t been to the border,” Holt notes.

“And I haven’t been to Europe,” Harris says, diminishing the crisis by comparing it to a place that has no comparable problem.

5 thoughts on “Video || Kamala Harris laughs and lies when asked if she has been to the border”

  1. This woman is sick! Holt mentioned Demoncrat Congressman Cuellar who represents the area where my retired sister lives. Holt quoted Cuellar as inviting Harris to come to the border. Harris dodges the question and pivots to Guatemala saying I am in Guatemala to address the root cause. The root cause is in the White House, not in Guatemala! This woman is a retarded idiot! (PS: Her ridiculous laughter is irritating, uncalled for and malicious)

    1. JG… agreed. Your post is on point!

      What does Europe have to do with this issue, Kamala?!! They have their problems and the way this administration is going we’re headed that direction.

  2. Harris is an example of the “white collar” professional who fails upward. It may take years to identify their mistakes, and by then they are 2 or 3 more rungs up the ladder of what we define as success in this country.

    This rarely happens with “blue collar” workers because their failures show up fairly quickly and their work stream dries up. There’s no climbing of the ladder when things fall apart.

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