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Central American leaders say Biden policies are provoking illegal immigration

As Kamala Harris lands in Central America to try to convince those countries to change decades or even centuries of corruption and mismanagement, the leaders of those nations are saying that the Biden administration is incentivizing people to come to the United States.,br/>

And as John King makes obvious, the flood of immigrants is dramatically higher under Biden than under Donald Trump. Yes, this is from CNN. Look at the graph he presents.

3 thoughts on “Central American leaders say Biden policies are provoking illegal immigration”

  1. Good clips, Rebekah. I hope El Salvador’s President tells that to camel-a in no uncertain terms. Of course, camel-a will just shrug it off. She doesn’t want to hear that the biden-camel-a policy is providing incentives to draw illegals to our country and that that is the root of the problem! I wonder if camel-a will instead focus on her solution which is to pour huge amts of U S dollars because to demoncrats pouring tons of money is always the solution to any problem. Of course those corrupt governments will be more than happy to accept huge amts of U S dollars.

  2. The people were not happy that Kamala was there. Go home! Trump won. That was my favourite. No spell check? LMAO!! That word doesn’t look correct. If one wants to come here than do it the legal way. I love people and ones that come here the legal way are wonderful people. I love food and a few friends can make the best Mexican food. Menudo Aztec style is out of the is world. Biden and Harris don’t care. I pray something shifts and soon. You do stories in great detail. Hope you are doing great. Thank you for what you do. Still stumped on that word. Was spell checked sabotaged? :)

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