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Video || Psaki tells reporter to go ask the hackers why there are more attacks under Biden

Another flip, angry response by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki to a serious question about Russian attacks on our infrastructure.

10 thoughts on “Video || Psaki tells reporter to go ask the hackers why there are more attacks under Biden”

  1. She really is a witch. It must be frustrating, though, to have to get up in front of the press day in and day out and not have a lot of answers for them. Underneath her facade, I bet she is sh*tting bricks a lot of the time. But hey, no sympathies from me!

    1. She’s a pro at shoveling s#*t. This is the junior varsity team in action, don’t we all feel safe with them in charge? It went so well the last time didn’t it?

  2. To me the answer about why there are more attacks is simple…….no one is afraid of Biden and his Administration. They know they can act with impunity.

    1. I agree with you, Sarah. No one is afraid of Biden and his far left extremist enablers and deep state gov’t high officials. This is why Putin knows he has the upper hand when he meets with senile joe in Geneva. The Chinese and iranians have no respect nor are they afraid of senile joe.

  3. And the dopes in this useless “WH Press Corps” sit there and take these immature, snarky, NO answers from this… B#tch Psaki :-(

    To Hell with her.

  4. She has a brutal job, but her tone could be better.
    If she thinks the job is tough, she should have tried it under the previous administration.

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