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Bidens to hit the beach midweek to celebrate Jill’s 70th

Don’t remember Donald Trump taking any midweek vacations.

According to the Daily Mail:

President Biden is heading to his Delaware beach home on Wednesday for a midweek break to celebrate the first lady’s 70th birthday.

It is his first trip to his vacation home since becoming president.

Details emerged with a Federal Aviation Administration notice restricting air operations around Rehoboth Beach from Wednesday to Friday because of a VIP.

Coming in the middle of the week so soon after the Memorial Day weekend, the timing initially seemed odd.

However, Dr Jill Biden will turn 70 on Thursday, suggesting the trip is a birthday celebration.

4 thoughts on “Bidens to hit the beach midweek to celebrate Jill’s 70th”

  1. Perhaps John Kerry will make a surprise appearance either on his wind surfing board or perhaps his Rhode Island docked (’cause he wants to pay less taxes) yacht.

  2. I live in north Delaware…and I am curious how senile Biden entourage is getting to (south Delaware) Rehoboth Beach and his $2.7 million dollar beach house…?
    Rehoboth has no airport to land any Marine/AirForce 1. Nearest airport is Salisbury Maryland..?

    This media/”WH press corps” are pathetically lazy covering-reporting any senile Biden movements; they NEVER show him (anymore) getting on or off aircraft (flying out on Marine 1…getting off AF1…etc)

  3. WNY-ROC, I also thought your post was very clever!

    It’s ok for Biden to miss a few days work, he isn’t in charge anyways. He’s just there to sign the memos!

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