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Job searches up in states that refuse Biden unemployment benefit

Conservative “ideology” is often just logic, applied across a range of issues.

And what could be more logical than, if you stop paying people not to work, they will go to work?

According to the Washington Examiner:

People began searching for jobs more in states that decided to opt out of the federal government’s expanded unemployment benefits, early research has found.

Jed Kolko, the chief economist for the employment website Indeed, found that job search activity rose, relative to the national trend, in the roughly two dozen states that have announced they are ending the expanded unemployment benefits program early, a sign that cessation of the program might begin to mend what many economists are characterizing as a labor shortage.

“A state’s share of national clicks on job postings was nearly 5% higher on announcement day, relative to a baseline of the last two weeks of April,” according to Kolko’s findings. “This increase was temporary, vanishing by the eighth day after the announcement. In the second week after the announcement, the state’s share of national clicks was no higher than it was during the late-April baseline.”

As it stands, the federal government’s supplemental pandemic unemployment program provides people $300 per week in federal payments in addition to whatever amount of funding they are receiving in state unemployment benefits.

The national average of statewide unemployment insurance prior to the pandemic was $387 per week, meaning that unemployed people in America are now netting $687 per week on average. When compared to a job with a 40-hour workweek, the $687-per-week income equates to a $17.17 hourly wage — a figure more than double that of the federal minimum wage.

2 thoughts on “Job searches up in states that refuse Biden unemployment benefit”

  1. I live in coastal North Carolina. Tourist season is upon us, and many service industries cannot operate at full capacity due to lack of employees.

    Why work?

    Democrat governor.

  2. Dah, if your going to be paid more to sit home, you sit home. When that money goes away, smart people go back to work. However, if you were paid to sit home, pay very close attention to the tax consequences of that money. In 2020 up to 10,200 was tax exempt. That may not be the case in 2021.

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