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Bernie: Socialism for thee, comfortable hotel rooms for me

Democratic Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders may want share the wealth, but while he’s got his portion of it, he is going to keep his pink butt comfortable.

A new book, “Battle for the Soul: Inside the Democrats’ Campaigns to Defeat Trump” by author Edward-Isaac Dovere, reveals Bernie to be very particular about his travel demands.

He took a lot of charter jets, and the ride had to be smooth.

“By the beginning of 2017, his staff had put together a document laying out his minimum requirements for the kind of aircraft he’d require if asked to go on trips beyond his regular route back and forth between Vermont and Washington. Couldn’t be too cramped. Couldn’t get too bumpy.”

When he got where he was going, comfort was paramount!

“Hotel rooms had to be away from elevators and from ice machines, so that quiet was guaranteed,” Dovere wrote. “He didn’t like getting upgrades and would often switch with an aide if he got the nicer room— ‘If there’s a bomb in there, it’s yours tonight,’ he’d joke— but he liked suites, and he liked bathtubs, and he insisted on a king-size bed, which had to have a down comforter or another blanket in the closet. He preferred that the extra blanket be dark blue, and made of cotton.

“The temperature in the room had to be kept at 60, even if that required having a staffer sit in the room with an open window in the winter to make sure it cooled enough or calling management in to override the system,” he continued. “There was no bending the rules: once on a stop in California, annoyed that his aides couldn’t get the temperature below 65, he had them call the woman from the front desk up to change the thermostat while he sat on the bed, watching. She couldn’t get it to work, and nervously humiliated, she apologized. Sanders didn’t care. ‘So, Chloe,’ he said, annoyed. ‘You don’t want me to sleep tonight?’

H/T Fox News.

3 thoughts on “Bernie: Socialism for thee, comfortable hotel rooms for me”

  1. ol’ Bernie is the epitome of the grifter class. He lives on other people’s money, cons them into giving him what he wants and give them nothing in return.
    All of those young people that sent their “$27” to his campaign got nothing in return, but he got another mansion.

  2. How does Bernie expect pilots not to hit air turbulence? No one likes a rough ride, but it is a fact of life. Why does Bernie think he should not be subject to normal things even the President has to live with? He is a jerk.

  3. Why would anyone be surprised by this? The elite demand we do without heat, and when it’s hot NO air conditioning. Bernie stays in a room at 60 degrees, but you’re supposed to sweat your behind off in your own home. It’s for the planet!

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