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Guy who is digging for extremism at Pentagon says Trump supporters are extremists

Well, there you go. If you needed proof that the hunt for “extremists” at the Pentagon could become a political inquisition designed to round up conservatives and opponents of President Biden — especially if he or Kamala Harris runs in 2024 against Donald Trump — well now you have it.

According to the Daily Caller:

The leader of a Pentagon working group overseeing efforts to root out domestic extremists in the military tweeted in 2019 that any supporter of former President Donald Trump unequivocally supports extremism and racism.

“Support for him, a racist, is support for ALL his beliefs,” Bishop Garrison, who was appointed by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to lead the Countering Extremism Working Group (CEWG), tweeted in July 2019 in reference to Trump.

“He’s dragging a lot of bad actors (misogynist, extremists, other racists) out into the light, normalizing their actions,” Garrison, an Army veteran, tweeted. “If you support the President, you support that.”

“There is no room for nuance with this,” he added. “There is no more ‘but I’m not like that’ talk.”

3 thoughts on “Guy who is digging for extremism at Pentagon says Trump supporters are extremists”

    1. Our country is getting dangerously close to the point where we resemble pre WW2 Germany. Government agencies that were designed to protect us, are working against us. They are silencing us, cancelling us, threatening us, dividing us, marginalizing us, talking of re-educating us, and want to take away any means of protecting ourselves. These evil people won’t have any qualms about putting us into ovens, if they are given orders to do so.

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