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Video || Kamala Harris wipes hand after shaking South Korean president’s

People are saying this is a Covid protection maneuver. But who knows? Maybe South Korean President Moon has sweaty hands . . .

4 thoughts on “Video || Kamala Harris wipes hand after shaking South Korean president’s”

  1. Duh, how insulting. I think we could pull anyone off the street or from a phone book (a la William F. Buckley) who would do a better job than Kamala Harris.

    Disgusting. Anyone who’s been in the work force knows you just wait until a private moment later to wash your hands. PLUS, the corona virus cannot be removed by wiping!!! So what if she’s uncomfortable — suck it up!!!

  2. America will pay for that action and subsequent video or decades into the future. If anyone thinks that the average S Korean was not deeply insulted by this then they need to learn something about Asian values. Seriously, spitting on her hand before shaking his would have the same effect……and S Koreans know it.

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