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Psaki claims rise in crime is due to guns

Let’s see. There were more than 20,000 murders last year, the most in about 25 years. If the number of guns in the country rises every year, as the population grows, why did it take so long to reach this plateau?

Are police afraid to do their jobs because they’ll end up being criticized by the White House for being part of the “systemic racism” that supposedly infects the country.

From today’s White House transcript:

REPORTER: This past weekend there were more than a dozen mass shootings across this country. 4,000 more people shot and killed by guns in 2020 compared to the year before. Is there a crime problem in this country?

PSAKI: Well, I would say certainly there is a guns problem, and that’s something the president would say. There are communities where local violence and community violence is an issue, and that’s one of the reasons that we have proposed and have now are implementing funding for community violence prevention programs across the country.

I will say that we don’t often highlight, and you just gave me the opportunity to, the fact that between mass shootings, mass shootings that get a lot of attention, that we lower the flags. There are hundreds, thousands of people who lose their lives, and that’s one of the reasons the president will continue to advocate for the Senate passing universal background checks, but also advocate for actions in states where we have seen the greatest level of activism over the past several years.

5 thoughts on “Psaki claims rise in crime is due to guns”

    1. Yep, it’s a total CHARADE. What a great description. We may have a far easier lifestyle than our ancestors 2,000 years ago, but humanity’s dumb, lying, obfuscation remains the same, despite our progress.

  1. I would love for more people to be well aware that I have more guns than you can shake a stick at here at my home in Montana, and I have guns strategically placed in child-proof locations around my home (I don’t have children, but a visitor my bring them)

    I have killed gophers from 50 feet with a .44 mag with a 5.5″ barrel, and killed muskrats from 100 feet with my rimfire .22, and I have killed elk from 300+ yards with my 30.06 and 7mm. While I don’t feel like I need automatic weapons, I may pick some up while I can.

    That being said, if you were a crook or somehow considering victimizing someone, would you come to my house? There’s not much crime in my area.

    If law enforcement in my area were to be afraid to draw their weapons, it doesn’t matter anyway, by the time they show up, all that will be left to do is get the surviving people’s stories.

    1. Growing up in W. PA , it was common for households to have multiple firearms here and there- shotguns standing inside the closet, prized rifles zipped up in leather cases, handguns on the top shelves and ammo in the metal box.
      Moving to AZ meant a eye-opening experience when two ‘cowboys’ walked into a Denny’s restaurant wearing their holsters and no one cared.
      The old west still lives here in AZ.

  2. Is so fake. When I was 4 years old my Dad took me shooting and he taught me how to take care of the 22 Rifle. Cleaned it when we would get home and he was a Police officer and told me that he isn’t going to lock or hide my Rifle. He said if you ever get mad at anyone like your Brothers or Sisters or friends never grab a gun. I was reading and spelling before I turned 4. My dad did teach me that if a person was trying to get in the house and I didn’t know them to go in this area that we could hide and grab the 22. Don’t do anything unless the perpetrator gets close. Course at that time I was 6 years of age. Never came to that and my father had a lot of guns and we never messed with them. The trust he showed us I believe that was the key. The BB gun we were allowed to do targets in our back yard. People are nuts these days and the lock downs didn’t help. That hurt a lot of people.

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