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Obama described in book as a “parasite” on the Democratic Party

Barack Obama was too good for politics. You can’t sully yourself with such things while you are trying to “fundamentally” change America, assure yourself a special, prominent place in history books to be written by liberal historians, and build a presidential library the size of a small country.

According to Fox News:

A “parasite” on the Democratic Party is how journalist Edward Isaac Dovere describes former President Obama in his forthcoming tell-all book “Battle for the Soul: Inside the Democrats’ Campaign to Defeat Trump.”

In a chapter entitled “Benign Neglect,” Dovere writes that the section’s namesake is how Obama aides privately described his abandonment of the Democratic Party once in the White House. “‘Negligence’ might be more accurate,” Dovere, writer for The Atlantic and former chief Washington correspondent for Politico, writes.

“The numbers are hard to ignore: during his eight years in office, Obama oversaw a net loss of 947 state legislative seats, 63 House seats, 11 senators, and 13 governors,” he continues.

Dovere writes that the 44th president carried himself with a “self-assured self-regard.”

“Obama never built a Democratic bench and never cared to, aside from a few scattered candidates who interested him,” according to the book.

Dovere writes that “defenders” of Obama have argued he didn’t want to “taint” his presidency by ” mucking about in fundraising,” or that he didn’t want to spoil the image voters had of him as an independent politician, or that faced with the choice to campaign or govern, he would always choose govern.

5 thoughts on “Obama described in book as a “parasite” on the Democratic Party”

  1. “Obama never built a Democratic bench and never cared to …”

    That was not the only thing he never cared about. More importantly, he never cared about our country nor its hard working, tax paying Patriots. He initiated and promoted identity politics which has now blossomed into a bitter and deep divisional hatred in our country. He called us Patriots as people who clung to “religion and guns”. He said that if we think we built it that we did not built it. He did NOTHING to improve our economy but nonchalantly dismissed it by saying “This low 2% economic is the new norm” (in other words, live with it!)

    On the other hand, he went out of his way to help our nation’s enemies. He helped Iran with billions of our dollars. He helped illegals sneak into our country. He helped Cuba. He helped terrorists get out of Guantanamo. He went around the world “apologizing” for America’s “bad behavior”

    This obama guy was and is an idiot – his wife is not too far from him in this regard; obama the 2nd worst president in my life-time. He can thank senile joe for being only the 2nd worst president.

    1. Never thought that I would place Carter in higher regard than Obama, and Obama (by a hair-thin margin) above Joe. This is what we’ve come to.

  2. 14 years after he appeared on the public stage we still don’t know who he is or what his real name is, where he was born or who was his father. We now know that he may not be the biological father to the two children of his marriage thanks to a bio his wife wrote recently.
    The majority of the votes that elected him to office were from the same people he and his minions now try to shame for their skin color or their beliefs.
    I don’t blame him, alone, for what happened or how the Dems have dissolved into a party of haters without any moral direction – the national media lost their credibility with the constant, never changing adoration of him, and his family.
    Today’s Dems are a mean, unhappy, group of racist, anti-Americans.

    1. Obama is “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.” I don’t think Sir Arthur Conan Doyle could figure Obama’s true origins, his nature, or the reason why he wanted to destroy our great nation.

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