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Kamala Harris: Lack of Internet access is a “civil rights issue”

Vice President Harris spoke at what was billed as a “listening session on the digital divide” at the White House.

“This is also a civil rights issue, and it is about equity and fairness,” she told those in attendance. “The disparities are clear: Fewer Black and brown Americans use home broadband than white Americans.  And those Americans who earn less than $30,000 a year are less likely to have high-speed Internet at home.  So, we’re talking about racial disparities.  We’re talking about income disparities.  And why does that matter?  Well, because it leads to other disparities.  Because when people are cut off from high-speed Internet, they are also being cut off from opportunity.”

6 thoughts on “Kamala Harris: Lack of Internet access is a “civil rights issue””

  1. BS, everything is NOT a civil right. Blow Job Harris, being an educated female, should know the text book definition of civil rights. I am sick of this current dictatorship trying to divide our country every single day.

  2. This woman is impoverished intellectually. Her intellectual level is in the low 10% percentile of nat’l stds similar to the income level of those in the low 10% percentile of nat’l stds. Therefore, there is an inequality between her low intellectual level and those at higher intellectual level. This, she would “rationalize” as unjust, unfair, a civil rights issue. And to think that this woman is 2nd in line to be president. This – combined with the fact that pelosa is 3rd in line – is stuff of which nightmares are made.

    Also, I noticed this was billed as a “… digital divide”. That says it all. This was used by the demoncrats as an opportunity to further DIVIDE the nation by weaponizing fast speed internet access, by calling it a “civil rights” issue. Sickening!

  3. The “Digital Divide” in a 30-year-old moniker that gets regurgitated every time someone wants a lot of money to dole out to various corporations.

    With landline phones, those who couldn’t afford a home phone could and did use the payphone at the corner. Then when 911 came in, they started taxing all of us who have landlines to pay for 911 and for “Senior Discounts”. With cellphones came the Obamaphone, which put a cell phone in the hands of each member of the family down to kindergarteners.

    Most people without internet at home find a WiFi easily at McDonalds, Starbucks, apartment building, etc. Every public library is disposing of its books to make room for more Computers for the Homeless.

    With COVID, the schools pretended that the reason they had no clue how to do virtual lessons was that students didn’t have internet access. So now they give each child a tablet and a hotspot to use at home. (Frankly, they could have just mailed the worksheets to elementary students, with a prepaid envelope to mail back, as correspondence schools have done successfully for generations… but they didn’t want to consider actual solutions).

    In recent years, “Rural Broadband” has been all the rage. Companies all over have gotten billions in grants to bring broadband to little towns. Guess what? We still have to pay $100 a month to get the highest speed available, a whopping Top DL speed of 3 Mbps. Uploads? It takes me about 3 hours of dedicated use to upload a 20 minute video to YouTube.

    1. Tina, thanks for the narrative; it was informative and interesting. I have a landline phone and I have DSL internet which is absolutely the slowest speed that can possibly exist (My monthly Verizon bill is $100 a month for both which I find outrageous). Taxes, fees and other charges jack up my ph/internet bill by 21% which again is outrageous. There is a fee there which is used to financially help “low income” folks which includes illegals which is wrong. I do not see a “senior discount” in my bill. Maybe it’s not there because I am not “low income” or an illegal.

      1. Yes, the “senior discount” is only given to very low income seniors or those on SSI. One of those things that “sounded like a good idea at the time”, but just costs the rest of us more.

        Ditto your comment about all the long list of taxes and fees… it’s unbelievable, and outrageous.

        Verizon sold our town to Frontier, but otherwise we have the same service you have. We have to keep a landline in order to get even the internet speeds we do get on our DSL… while they claim it is “just as good” without the landline service, it is not. There aren’t any better options where we live, none of the other companies can give us even these pokey speeds.

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