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White House drops “infrastructure” proposal by a half-trillion dollars

This still doesn’t get it close to the Republican proposal, they are still nearly $1 trillion apart.

Unclear if the White House is being serious because it lacks the votes for what it wants to do, or if it’s a ruse so that they can accuse Republicans of being uncooperative.

Or both.

According to Fox News:

Press secretary Jen Psaki revealed Friday that the White House is offering to bring the price tag of its infrastructure package down more than a half-trillion dollars, from $2.25 trillion to $1.7 trillion, as negotiations with Republicans continue.

“In our view, this is the art of seeking common ground,” she said.

She said the new proposal trimmed some investments in research and development, supply chain manufacturing and small businesses out of the plan. It also reduced funding for broadband access to meet the level proposed by GOP lawmakers, from $100 billion to $65 billion.

Republicans had earlier countered Biden’s original plan with a $568 billion offer.

Negotiations are continuing Friday between Senate Republicans and the White House, and Psaki said their proposal will be shared after the meeting concludes.

Republicans have since increased their initial offer and worked in good faith with the White House, a GOP source told The Associated Press.

2 thoughts on “White House drops “infrastructure” proposal by a half-trillion dollars”

  1. “… this is the art of seeking common ground.” This statement by Ptaki is a bunch of crap. If they had the total support of all 50 demoncrat senators, they would not bother one iota with “the art of seeking common ground”. Kimberly Strassel identifies today in her WSJ column three demoncrat senators who have not signed on to the bill. She writes that her expectation is that these infrastructure talks will collapse. America hating AOC was boasting that the infrastructure bill is less about infrastructure and more about her new green deal. We need true infrastructure in America but not at the social and financial cost as proposed by the far left extremists in control of all 3 branches of our Federal Gov’t. May this bill fall flat in its face and delegated to the dust bin of history.

  2. Another note on this infrastructure issue. Today’s WSJ editorial on this infrastructure bill raises several points. It’s entitled “A Bad Infrastructure Bargain” One point the editorial brought up caught my eye. The WSJ states that biden has already stated he’ll pocket whatever he can get in a deal with Republicans, and then he’ll pass the rest with demoncratic votes using budget reconciliation. No wonder his enablers don’t want him speaking to the press or answering questions. He is not supposed to verbalize real purposes behind their deceiving, devious schemes. His enablers must not be happy with this clown hence allowing wicked witch of the West to take a prominent role in welcoming the S Korean prime minister. The skids are being greased.

    PS So what is the rest that senile joe mentioned he’ll pass? The rest, per the WSJ editorial, are INCREASED taxes on corporations and individuals (that’s us!), entitlements for child care, paid community college, paid leave and other similar socialist junk entitlements. Wonderful, isn’t it?

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