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Live Stream || Biden and South Korean President Moon press conference

Scheduled for 5:15 pm ET.

4 thoughts on “Live Stream || Biden and South Korean President Moon press conference”

  1. Why does NO ONE (looking at you FOXNews) mention the fact that senile Biden has to read EVERYTHING off a note card-script-teleprompter whenever he is front of a camera …???
    Is Biden that stupid-clueless-SENILE he needs every word/thought written down for him?
    It’s f–ing PATHETIC watching senile Biden read-stumble-mumble-confuse every word he “speaks”.

    1. Yes, it is PATHETIC! It is also an embarrassment to our country. And, knowing the press will say nothing about it is infuriating. This is why I stopped listening to this “stupid-clueless-senile” corrupt politician who belongs in a retirement home, not in the WHouse. I also stopped watching foxnews.

      1. I stopped watching Fox News the Sunday after the election . . . they took for granted the viewers that put them on the map, so the hell with them.

      2. Since the election and disgusted with their coverage, I too,have stopped watching Fox News as well as some of my family members.

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