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Biden tries to insist Democrats still support Israel

President Biden, who led the effort to get Israel to stop destroying Hamas, which had been shooting rockets at Israelis civilians, claims the Democrats still support Israel.

Progressives used vitriolic language to describe Israel during the fighting, and the supposed “moderates” like Biden declined to condemn them, and also sought to be “evenhanded” as Hamas was actively trying to kill Israelis.

Republicans unilaterally and enthusiastically supported Israel. And Donald Trump would have made sure Netanyahu finished whatever he was trying to do to degrade Hamas.

Biden was asked in a news conference Friday with South Korean President Moon Jae-In whether he was aware of how Democrats had changed in their approach toward the Jewish state.

“There is no shift in my commitment to the security of Israel,” he said. “My party still supports Israel.”

3 thoughts on “Biden tries to insist Democrats still support Israel”

  1. How can Biden say that without cracking up at his blatant lie. To quote Dennis Prager: “The left’s moral compass always shows north as south and east as west.”

    Or as my husband has always said in the everyman vernacular, when Democrats lips are moving, it means they’re lying.

  2. Are there any examples of anything the Dems have done since Biden stole the election that supports the statement that the dems still support Israel? I don’t think they can come up with anything (which would not be another lie). There are many things that support the contrary.

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