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Video || Psaki refuses to condemn Democrats who accuse Israel of crimes and racism

So afraid of the Left that they won’t disagree when The Squad makes Israel out to be barbaric.

From today’s White House briefing transcript:

Q Hi. I just wanted to go back to Israel really quick. So, yesterday, Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez accused Israel of using American weapons to target media outlets, schools, hospitals, other sites. The other day, Congresswoman Omar called the Israeli Prime Minister an ethnonationalist. I know you’ve talked about the White House’s message to Democrats, but does the President specifically denounce these comments?

MS. PSAKI: I think we have a responsibility here to speak about this as it — as it — as the issue that it is, which is a conflict that is killing people in a region and — and our efforts to bring that to an end.

The President doesn’t see this through the prism of domestic politics. He sees this through the prism of what role the United States can play as a leader in the global community, to — to engage in quiet, intensive diplomacy to bring an end to the suffering and the tragedy on the ground.

7 thoughts on “Video || Psaki refuses to condemn Democrats who accuse Israel of crimes and racism”

  1. I assume the cash Obama/Biden returned to Iran is under some Ayatollah’s pillow and not being used to buy weapons from Hamas.

  2. And what exact role did JB take with this? NOTHING.
    He spoke of peace and agreement, but did NOTHING.

    Maybe better he kept his nose out of it.

  3. Why doesn’t Steven Spielberg speak out for Israel in real time? He’s made a beautiful effort to record the stories from Holocaust survivors, yet he ignores the vitriol directed toward Israel and Jews around the world happening while he lives and breaths as an adult man with the capability of doing something about it.

    We should no longer wonder why the people of Germany didn’t do more to protect their Jewish friends and neighbors — Steven and others are doing it now right in front of our eyes, largely by being members of the Democrat party which supports members like The Squad.

    Spielberg and the other powerful Democrats that remain silent are supporting the destruction of Israel. Period.

    1. Teresa, I hear your anguish and your frustration over people like Spielberg. And, I agree with you, their inaction support Israel’s destruction. I can’t even imagine what the people of Israel are thinking, feeling each day knowing that every day there are external forces working hard to destroy their lives and their nation. I pray and hope they trust in Yahweh and continue to rely on Him today and on all forthcoming days.

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