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ICE picking up 75% fewer criminal illegal aliens

Seems a little bit odd to call them criminal illegal aliens, since all illegal aliens have done something illegal, as their first act as an American, by coming here in the first place.

Anyway, get ready for crimes committed by those in the country who already have a record of bad behavior, as the Biden administration stops targeting them. No doubt, the “police reform” President Biden also supports will make it even easier for these people to commit crimes against Americans.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Rules imposed by President Joe Biden to reduce arrests and deportations of undocumented immigrants have slashed the targeting of criminal illegal immigrants by ICE agents 75%, greatly endangering communities they are released in, according to law enforcement and immigration officials.

So-called “detainers” issued to local jails by agents of Immigration and Customs Enforcement have dropped under Biden from 10,000 a month to 2,500, according to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, who is heading an investigation into Biden’s efforts for his state and Montana.

As a result, he said, thousands of criminal illegal immigrants who would have been targeted for deportation are now being set free in cities around the nation.

What’s more, a top ICE official said the change is dangerous to local communities.

In his legal effort to investigate Biden’s decision to deport only illegal immigrants suspected of terrorism who entered after Nov. 1 and newly convicted of “aggravated felonies,” Brnovich has started deposing top officials, most recently Albert Carter, who served as the acting Phoenix Field Office director for ICE.

2 thoughts on “ICE picking up 75% fewer criminal illegal aliens”

  1. Per the news article cited by Rebekah, AZ State Attorney Brnovich stated that his investigation shows funding is not the cause of this problem. Brnovich then states, “Basically, it shows you that they are getting orders from the Biden administration not to go out and arrest people and deport them.” Brnovich also stated, “it’s clear from the emails and at least this first deposition that ICE officials are frustrated, but basically their hands are tied behind their backs. They are being forced to fight a war under rules of engagement that are unfair to law enforcement.”

    This is absolutely horrendous. These far left extremists in the corrupt biden administration MUST KNOW that what they are forcing ICE officials to do is wrong and dangerous. And yet, they go ahead and do it. They must truly hate America and it’s citizens. They have the power to do it; they therefore do it. An they do so without any regret, remorse, shame or any kind of ethical standard.

  2. Reason enough for concealed carry and now in now in many states, including my own state of SC, open carry. Personally, I’m not onboard with open carry but with the pressure on law enforcement to back away from enforcing laws and the scumbags increasing in number and boldness, what is one to do? Thankfully some state governments are seeing the increasing irresponsibility and abrogation of the duties of the federal government to secure the southern border and stop the invasion of drugs, aliens, and just plain criminals. Maybe it’s time for all of us pick a side and stand up for ourselves and what’s left of our country?

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