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Biden flying illegal immigrant minors into Tennessee in the dead of night

The Biden administration is sending illegal immigrant minors into Tennessee, without even letting the state’s lawmakers know what’s going on.

Who knows where else illegal immigrants are being seeded throughout the country? This isn’t only a problem at the border.

According to Fox News:

Lawmakers from Tennessee are sounding the alarm after reports that the Biden administration has been flying unaccompanied minors into the state in the middle of the night without their knowledge.

The White House is transporting migrants into an airport in Chattanooga from where they are bused to cities within the Southeast, as first reported by local news outlet WRCB-TV Channel 3.

Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., said in a statement to Fox News that the transportation of migrants is taking place in “the dead of night without the knowledge or permission of the communities involved.”

Lawmakers in the state are characterizing the situation as a symptom of the Biden administration’s policies and pursuant failure to control the flow of migrants at the border, which has now put their communities at risk.

7 thoughts on “Biden flying illegal immigrant minors into Tennessee in the dead of night”

  1. Send them back. The people of the United States have enough problems to deal with then a bunch of people they also have to pay for with increased taxes. If the super rich and powerful want to feed and house the downtrodden, the first thing they need to do is take care of the legal citizens of the United States that is homeless and destitute. The money should also come from their own pocket and not be funded through internationally laundered money or increased taxes… The current people of the Democratic Party wouldn’t ever do this. This means we have to do the same thing to them that we did to the British when the colonists get sick of the tyranny.

  2. Biden is here to flood America with illegal aliens .The more he brings in its been estimated to be 24 Million at current flows. The cost will be Billions and you the legal citizen will pay for it .This is to ensure the Democratic party has the votes to control American politics now and in the future .Illegal alien votes count now! Nobody is going to stop the estimated 24 million plus in the next 3 years . If you think cost are high now wait later on .That’s 24 Million plus to go on the Govt systems which include free medical, schooling, housing , food .The majority will stay on these programs for life . Biden is purposely doing this to be bring the reset that will occur later on down the road .

  3. Listen, the government’s playbook is to just do whatever they want. Let the States file their legal case and hope the Supreme Court will hear it. In the mean time, the flood of illegals (and/or criminals) will continue. If the Supreme Court won’t hear the case, the government knows that the lower court radical left will just legislate from the bench on their behalf.

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