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More than 61,000 illegal immigrants released into US under Biden

This covers February, March, and April.

Whether these people are carrying disease, are criminals, or are terrorists, we have no idea.

According to the Washington Examiner:

“More than 61,000 immigrants who illegally crossed the U.S.-Mexico border have been released into the United States since President Joe Biden took office, according to federal data.

“The federal immigration agencies that are responsible for apprehending and detaining immigrants have instead discharged tens of thousands of migrants into the country, despite the Biden administration’s claims that most migrant families are not being taken into custody in the first place. And it is the first time that an administration has greenlighted the release of immigrants without telling them when to appear in court, as previous administrations have done during surges.

“The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Border Patrol allowed 61,312 illegal immigrants to walk out of their stations in February, March, and April. The number is a staggering increase from the 18 people who were let go during former President Donald Trump’s final full month in office, when the number of families showing up at the border was one-tenth of what it is at present.”

4 thoughts on “More than 61,000 illegal immigrants released into US under Biden”

  1. These actions by the corrupt, far left extremists, america-hating biden administration are beyond description. One word that can accurately describe these actions exists not. One can say nauseating, appalling, shocking and other similar words but none of them, not even in their totality, could adequately describe the magnitude of how wrong, destructive and demonic these actions are.

  2. More than likely a lot are here in CA. Not up here as the people would chase them out of our area. Bakersfield would gladly accept them. I don’t hate them but they need to come here the honest and legal way. Some have Covid. Biden should be sued. So embarrassing knowing he is running our country. Oh, wait it is Obama that is running our country. More than like likely Valarie Jarrett, and Obamas other half as it is hard telling what Michelle is. Susan Rice is the messenger.

    Hope you are feeling better after you got sick Rebekah. I won’t take that vaccine as I had two strokes and not taking a chance. I enjoy your news letter as I like how you cut a lot out and give the important details.

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