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Video || Biden snaps at Coast Guard graduates for failing to respond to his speech

How could they resist the Biden oratory?

Well, they tried to.

7 thoughts on “Video || Biden snaps at Coast Guard graduates for failing to respond to his speech”

    1. Well done DRK.
      Yesterday I posted that I was hoping the President would praise the USCGA grads. But no, he had to pass on some stupid comment about them being a bunch of dull people. Yeah, right. Those dull people that protect our coasts and interfere with dangerous drug runners and illegals.
      THAT bunch of dull people.
      His gaffe was meant to be humorous, but instead he insulted these wonderful patriots.
      He owes them an apology, if he can even recall his comment.


    2. I just saw the clip, DRK, which is entitled “Joe Biden to our troops: “Clap for that, you stupid bastards”. This Liar-in-Chief narcissist starts off by saying “I have incredibly good judgment”. Then he insults our young men and women by calling them “stupid bastards”. Then, as Rebekah noted above, he snaps at the graduates. We all know what kind of individual he is so I’ll leave it at that. Oh, BTW, thanks for sharing clip.

  1. Biden must have read Dale Carnegie’s book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. He’s so good at it!

  2. The interesting thing is Biden has been mouthing off forever if you’ve seen some of his old videos. He’s never had a filter.. Even when he’s heavily medicated which is probably most of the time in public, in front of a green screen, etc. The amount of editing still does not hide some of his gaffes.. Sky News Australia on YT does some interesting videos/commentary of him….

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