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Kamala Harris and husband contribute paltry amount to charity

Vice President Kamala Harris and the Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff earned $1.7 million in 2020 but gave just $27,000 to charity, or about 1.6 percent of their income.

According to Fox News:

The average charitable contribution among households that reported an AGI between $500,000 and $2 million was 3.1% of income, according to data from filing year 2017 reported by the Tax Policy Center. It was 4.3% as a percentage of AGI among all returns for the same tax year.

A separate analysis from Financial Samurai estimates that households earning between $1 million and $2 million typically donate 2.8% of their AGI.

Prior to serving as vice president, Kamala Harris was a senator from California. Her husband has spent decades as an entertainment lawyer.

You’d think such caring people would . . . care more.

6 thoughts on “Kamala Harris and husband contribute paltry amount to charity”

  1. Donation data has shown over and over that Democrats are stringy. Scrooge McDuck comes to mind. They don’t walk the talk. Hypocrisy anyone?

  2. This makes me sick as it is money that donors give them. They don’t pay it back. I get emails from all types of Republicans asking me for money. To be honest I am mad as **** at them for not doing their job for us. Been years as Trump made me calm down when he won. These monkeys in the Republican Party are not and have not been doing their job. I get emails from all of them asking me for money. We need to make them use their own money like it was years ago. They had to have a home and take care of their family and had to use their own money to run for office. What happened?

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