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Video || Biden has “no comment” on whether he knew Colonial paid ransom

Colonial Pipeline reportedly paid around $5 million in ransom to hackers to get the fuel running again up the East Coast.

The question, which President Biden won’t touch, is whether the U.S government approved or even urged payment of ransom. Was the Biden administration successfully blackmailed?

Once you pay people off like this, of course, they’ll be back for more.

America was held hostage. And so far, there is no indication Biden is going to do much about it.

4 thoughts on “Video || Biden has “no comment” on whether he knew Colonial paid ransom”

  1. This guy is pathetic. He struggles to find words in his attempt to reply to questions. On the last question, he says “no comment” and walks away. I interpret this to mean he knew. And so I believe your question, Rebekah, “Was the biden administration successfully blackmailed” is an appropriate question. The administration’s partner in crime, MSM, will not follow up or do any investigating reporting nor harass the biden administration with unending questions on this issue. It’s all pathetic and harmful to our nation.

  2. Notice how we’re having all these crises now in areas we didn’t have to worry about under Trump . . . but, of course, he sent mean tweets.

  3. And the FBI continues trying to track down people who were in the Capitol on January 6th whether or not they did anything “violent” or not. They ignore warning signs of mass shooters. But they probably won’t do anything to investigate who hacked the pipeline. Isn’t interfering with inter-state commerce a crime?

  4. This is consistent with his mentor’s actions when he paid $400million in some shady midnight payoff. Imagine if Trump or any conservative engaged in these cowardly actions?

    Where’s the press on this?? Just imagine the outrage if Trump did this??

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