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Here’s why Biden is suddenly talking to Republicans

President Biden is finally having meetings with Republicans, trying to suggest it’s about his pledge to foster bipartisanship.

But, it’s not. It’s because he needs them.

Even Democrats are becoming concerned about Biden’s mass spending plans, which are potentially causing inflation, something that was dealt with during the Reagan administration 40 years ago.

As the Hill describes, the Biden plan is suddenly hitting speed bumps on Capitol Hill:

Biden has proposed more than $4 trillion in new spending on infrastructure and social spending measures, but several recent developments could make getting the measures through Congress more difficult.

A disappointing monthly jobs report has Republicans arguing that some of Biden’s proposals included in the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill are actually slowing the recovery by disincentivizing workers to get jobs.

Economists are split over the issue, but it has served as an opening for Republicans to get a toehold in the unfolding battle for public opinion on Biden’s plans.

“It’s not great,” one Democratic strategist acknowledged of the April jobs report. “And it will certainly slow down the process and any momentum Biden had in recent weeks without a doubt because Republicans will use this to show that some of these ideas being pushed aren’t sound.”

Democrats, for their part, are divided over the substance of Biden’s proposals and how best to advance them.

Some want to work on a smaller infrastructure proposal with Republicans and notch a bipartisan win ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, believing it will help the party retain its congressional majorities.

Progressives say the party must go big and worry the bipartisan talks could slow progress and upend Biden’s plans.


5 thoughts on “Here’s why Biden is suddenly talking to Republicans”

  1. Re: last paragraph

    AOC said Biden is not spending enough. She suggest $10 Trillion. Can you imagine what kind of inflation that would be? She has BA degrees in International Relations and Economics from Boston University. Make me wonder about the Economics are they teaching there.

  2. I hope it’s true that demoncrat senators are truly divided over the substance of senile joe’s proposals. If true, this will bog down the process and will go nowhere. It’s well known demoncrats stick together when it comes to the final minute of the final hour. I hope this will be an exception and they will not stick together. As an alternative, perhaps demoncrat senators will agree with Republicans on a much smaller true infrastructure bill. If this happens, it would go back to the House which will probably bog down the process since AOC and all the other radical extremists have much control over the House. We’ll have to wait and hope for the best, the best for our country.

  3. Yeah, no deal. The Democrats intended to Communize as much as they could, as fast as they could, in order to rule, unchecked, forever. (Or, at least, for a few tumultuous years, until enough impoverished peasants decided to organize and a la lanterne their asses. Which is usually how such things go.) If any Girondist Republican goes along with them, now, they’re accomplices.

    To any such spineless GOP squishes, I would say:

    Stand your ground! This is what we are fighting for: for our spirit and laws and ways! Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war: for Heaven or Hell, we shall not wait!

    (Rest of that song is pretty good, too, though I personally can take or leave the spoken intro by FDR.)

    Anyway, now that the Democrats are getting mugged by reality, and feeling the outer bands of the whirlwind they will surely reap, it’s suddenly beginning to dawn on them that unless they can somehow blame the GOP for something they themselves screwed up, they’re toast and jam, with a side of canned Spam.

    Right now, depending on who you talk to, a rerun of the Carter years seems like a best case scenario. The UN is openly worrying about full-scale war in the Middle East, stagflation domestically (with the Trump economy in recent memory) is going to impoverish many ordinary Americans, the situation at the border really IS a man-caused disaster, our military could very well lose a major war if it gets dragged into one, and so on.

    The Democrats need to own every last one of the coming disasters, which they themselves will have caused, in full, with no Republican patsies to blame it on.

    The GOP needs to tell Sniffy the Sock Puppet something along the lines of, “You all wanted total control, and now that you have it, you need to own it. We’ll see you in the mid-terms.” And then just walk out like Reagan at Reykjavik.

    1. Yes indeed, 100% on all counts. I have always said that the worst thing for the democrats would be for them to get exactly what they want. Here we go!

      Now people will see whether the dem agenda will work. Spoiler alert: It won’t.

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