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Video || Biden acknowledges he’s not supposed to be answering questions

That’s for Jen Psaki to do!

Not that she actually answers questions.

2 thoughts on “Video || Biden acknowledges he’s not supposed to be answering questions”

  1. How about that! He confesses that he is not supposed to answer questions and then he goes ahead and answers the question. Ptaki and his other handlers must not be very pleased. How dare he disobey their orders! He walked like an elderly, fragile person; he looked tired and energyless. Dementia in senile joe was also self evident at the beginning and then sort of disappears when he starts spouting typical career, corrupt politician hypocritical statements. It’s hard wired into his brain neurons so dementia does not show up. He went on and on saying he works in a bipartisan basis and always has. What a joke!. i guess because of dementia he forgot AOC’s order “No Negotiations!” But he was lying anyway, typical of a corrupt politician. If you get the impression that I am not impressed by this corrupt politician, you would be right!

  2. To be fair to Biden (am I really saying this) – this is the first time I’ve seen him actually make any sense.

    Wonder is the penny dropping that following the AOC line is going to really screw things up.

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