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CNN medical analyst: Biden needs to unmask himself to show the vaccine works

This White House is supposed to be following science, right? And the science says that once you are vaccinated, you are at extremely low risk of getting the virus, especially if you are outside or with other vaccinated people.

But Biden seems to be treating his mask like it’s his Teddy Bear. He’s probably at much more risk from the steps of Air Force One than he is from the coronavirus.

3 thoughts on “CNN medical analyst: Biden needs to unmask himself to show the vaccine works”

  1. If he unmasks, the Dems will have little left to cling to with regard to their Covid fear-mongering. They prefer keeping people scared — wear a mask despite being vaccinated, keep social distancing, don’t gather with family or friends, beware of dangerous variants lurking on the horizon, etc. etc.

    Most of us have long moved on from this nonsense, but a lot of people continue to listen to the “experts” and are still hiding in their homes.

    1. Totally agree with you, Mr Pibb. The demoncrats will continue to cling and, if I may add, continue to milk this COVID fear mongering to the max.

      They need to keep this fake fire storm alive in order to have something to blame when problems arise. For example, they blame COVID for the recently reported low job numbers and NOT the fact that people stay home because they get more in unemployment than going to work. On a related example, they are using COVID to the max as an excuse to hide joe’s senility. During the campaign, Jane Fonda, in an interview, said COVID was the best gift to the democrats; she had a big smile when she said this. Demoncrats can now blame President Trump or COVID or both for problems that come up, problems that they create!

      These far left extremists who now control our gov’t are scheming, diabolical creatures.

  2. Yeah, we’re supposed to wear masks because of a new Covid variant that has no symptoms and can’t be detected by testing. Hmmmm….

    I’ve been a member of “the resistance” to most covid responses since the beginning. This is just another tool to divide and control by the commies.

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