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Crisis at the border: Five abandoned migrant girls found by Texas farmer

Why are these heartbreaking tales not being told by the mainstream media?

Because the president is named Biden, not Trump.

Remember, this is not a crisis. Keep repeating to yourself, This is not a crisis; This is not a crisis.

According to Fox News:

Five abandoned migrant girls, all under the age of 7, were discovered Sunday by a Texas farmer on his land in Quemado, near the Rio Grande River.

Rep. Tony Gonzales, R-Texas, spoke with the farmer who said he found the “baby girls” hungry and crying. He said one was naked and was crawling because she was too young to walk.

Gonzales tweeted a photo of the girls Sunday night with the caption, “Take a good hard look at the #BidenBorderCrisis… @POTUS enough is enough let’s work together [to] solve this crisis.”

5 thoughts on “Crisis at the border: Five abandoned migrant girls found by Texas farmer”

  1. The diabolical biden regime does not care. The so-called party of compassion is anything but a party of compassion. When the TX governor exposed the horrible conditions at a detention center for underage illegals in San Antonio, senile biden’s response was to prohibit the press from entering the facility. They said they would investigate but NOTHING has been done. They are downright evil in turning a blind eye to this horrible crisis. This includes self-righteous pelosi who judged President Trump as immoral for his policy on illegal immigration. Where is self-righteous pelosa? She’s as quiet as mouse. Idiots, mean-spirited, hypocritical and compassionless these far left extremists are!

  2. Come on, man. This is for the cause! Taking down our American way of life and turning us into Venezuela isn’t easy and we’ve been at it for 100 years so we have to break a few eggs-what’s the big deal man!

  3. Do we really want people who abandon children to coyotes?

    I watched Fox as they have a reporter on the river filming dozens of illegals crossing into Texas. Something I haven’t seen before – Grandma is there sloshing into the USA with the family. White hair nanas brought to our country.
    No way these well-fed people in stylish outfits walked thousands of miles to get here.
    Most of them, thinking they were going ‘north’ are wearing long pants, hoodies or sweaters and must be stunned that the temp in Texas is about 100 degrees.

  4. Once again, local residents and elected leaders are far more in touch with what is really happening than the loons in the Administration. Not that I think the Biden folks actually care.

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