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Biden takes credit for stimulus checks after Dems slammed Trump for doing so

According to the Washington Examiner:

President Joe Biden, eager to get credit from voters for federal aid funded by Democrats’ $1.9 trillion coronavirus spending package, is resorting to sending letters to recipients even after his party slammed former President Donald Trump for previous checks.

The letters, dispatched roughly a month after Congress passed the American Rescue Act, contradict Democrats’ rebukes of Trump, who insisted that his signature appear on checks disbursed during his term.

In the note printed on White House letterhead, Biden wrote that the coronavirus package’s provision of $1,400 checks to eligible individuals and households fulfilled a campaign promise to supplement the $600 payments from December for a total of $2,000 in financial assistance. Biden has repeated how that pledge was pivotal to Democrats winning two Georgia Senate runoffs in January to gain control of the chamber.

“When I took office, I promised the American people that help was on the way. The American Rescue plan makes good on that promise. This bill was passed to provide emergency relief to millions of Americans. I want to be sure you receive all the benefits that you are entitled to,” Biden wrote in a letter obtained by the Washington Examiner.

5 thoughts on “Biden takes credit for stimulus checks after Dems slammed Trump for doing so”

  1. These letters are going to cause problems for a lot of people. The letters make it sound as though this is a NEW payment that will arrive or did arrive in May. I was pretty certain this was referring to the check we got in late March, but even I questioned whether it was talking about something in addition to that one. I hope people are not spending money that they won’t be getting :-(

  2. I received that letter written in English on one side and spanish on the other side. It had the IRS return address on the envelope and the WHouse insignia on the letter. I saw the $1400 at the beginning of the letter and I saw the signature at the bottom. At that point I treated it like I treat all trash mail I get: I tore it into a million pieces and threw it in the trash can. I knew the letter would be full of trash words; I had no desire to read crap. What a waste of our tax payer dollars. But then again it’s the Demoncrats: wasting our tax dollars is their trademark.

  3. How unbelievably stupid can people be? $2000 to buy your vote, regardless of what common sense probably tells most of them… It is horrible and people should be ashamed of themselves. How much is that $2000 going to really cost them??? Probably an average of $8000, maybe a lot more.

  4. Resident BiteMe sends his letter out through an IRS mailing, almost an act of intimidation. Who wouldn’t be alarmed at seeing an IRS envelope in your mailbox after you’ve filed a return. Notice of an audit or an error! No, just junk mail from that corrupt, flying monkey joke of a president.

  5. I once owned several hundred dollars worth of Confederate money as part of a collection related to the Civil War. I should have held onto it. At the rate the current White House squatter is trashing the economy, it would soon be more valuable than U.S. currency.

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