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Hunter Biden and China: The mystery deepens

Hunter Biden went into business with a Chinese oil and gas company in 2017. He got assigned an assistant, Jiaqi Bao, who started off as, well, an assistant. Then, things became more personal. Eventually, she was providing him with opposition research to help his father’s presidential campaign, according to Daily Mail reporter Josh Boswell.


2 thoughts on “Hunter Biden and China: The mystery deepens”

  1. The Chinese Communist regime is no dummy. They know corrupt people are easy to “infiltrate and influence”. The chinese knew the bidens are corrupt. They wasted no time in “working” with senile joe and his family. It’s paying dividends for the corrupt chnese gov’t. Our corrupt media will make sure this story doesn’t get out to the general public. Question is: how many other top U S Gov’t officials have the chinese “infiltrated and influenced”?

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