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Video || Secretary Granholm says gas prices went up because of the corononavirus

Well, apparently you don’t need to understand economics to be energy secretary.

The coronavirus caused gas prices to go down, not up. When you have less economic activity, there is less demand for gas. And so, the price goes down. Getting the virus more under control will put more pressure on gas prices.

What she doesn’t talk about whether Biden innovations like threatening to pass the Green New Deal, and creating policies driving inflation are making things worse.

3 thoughts on “Video || Secretary Granholm says gas prices went up because of the corononavirus”

  1. Another typical “faculty lounge” type in a Democrat administration . . . with no clue of how things work in the real world.

  2. There are several reasons gas has gone up.

    Axing Keystone XL by executive fiat was less of a self-inflicted wound, and more of a self-inflicted maiming.

    Travel is likely to increase as restrictions ease.

    Summer fuel blends are historically a supply nightmare, because of all the local boutique blends that are required for environmental reasons in hot weather.

    Now add in complications in the logistics. The tanker truck industry, from what I’m hearing, is currently in a bit of a shambles. Demand for tank trucks dropped last year, thanks to depressed demand courtesy of the Wuhan virus. So a number of tank truck drivers opted to call it quits.

    Well, fuel tankers require a bunch of endorsements on a Class A CDL. Those endorsements typically require specialized training. And a lot of those training programs were suspended in 2020. You can’t learn how to drive a tank truck on distance learning; this could be a persistent problem for a while.

    Now factor in the recent ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline.

    Will we be at $4 gas on the 4th of July? Let’s hope not, but the number of upward pressures on gas prices is not likely to decrease, especially with an energy-hostile Democrat regime in Washington.

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