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Biden has no plan to help Afghan translators who will be killed by the Taliban

President Biden’s decision to leave Afghanistan completely puts thousands of people who helped us in various ways in peril after the inevitable takeover by the Taliban.

If he’s going to abandon them, he at least needs to find a way to protect them, including by bringing them here.

Thousands of people are storming across the border illegally. We at least need to assist those who, instead of breaking the law, put their lives on the line for America.

As Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin reports, among those most endangered are the translators who made our work their possible:

Nearly 17,000 Afghan interpreters who risked their lives working for the U.S. military are trying to leave the war-torn country ahead of President Biden’s Sept. 11 deadline to withdraw remaining U.S. forces from Afghanistan.

But some may get left behind.

U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, said those interpreters have a bulls-eye on their backs, and that if the U.S. does not help them, there could be scenes at the U.S. Embassy like those when the last U.S. helicopters flew out of Saigon.

“We have a duty and a moral responsibility to protect them from the Taliban and al-Qaeda. If we do not give them special immigrant visas, they will be left behind and be slaughtered by the enemy,” McCaul said.

The Pentagon says Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin wants to help, but so far there is no plan for an evacuation.

“[The secretary] is very supportive of the president’s desire and the State Department’s efforts to expand and to accelerate the special immigrant visa program so that we can we can do right by these individuals,” Pentagon press secretary John Kirby told reporters.

The State Department runs the special immigrant visa (SIV) program. The head of U.S. forces in the Middle East says he’s ready to help but is awaiting orders.

“From a Central Command perspective and the perspective of the U.S. military, if directed to do something like that, we could certainly do it,” Gen. Kenneth McKenzie said at a recent Pentagon briefing.

The National Security Council recently held a deputies meeting on the issue, but no decisions have been made as of yet on how to protect these translators and their families after the U.S. withdrawal is complete and U.S. troops leave Afghanistan.

6 thoughts on “Biden has no plan to help Afghan translators who will be killed by the Taliban”

  1. Rebekah, you are so right!! Let’s save the people who actually helped American security. Not only is the MSM fake, Biden is fake — he acts caring when he doesn’t actually give a sh*t.

    1. I second it … I agree with you Rebekah. And I also agree with you Teresa that the MSM and biden are fakes. Not only is senile joe fake, his actions and words are those of a fraud, a liar, a deceiver. These are the baked-in characteristics of a career, corrupt politician who doesn’t give a hoot except staying faithful to his wicked, political behavior characteristics and using those malevolent characteristics to promote the far left extremist agenda with the end result of doing great harm to our country … but he gives not a hoot. Senile joe enablers and their lackey MSM are pleased

  2. Not only will the translators be slaughtered, but their families as well. We need to help these people who are in genuine danger, get here, they should be a priority. But I feel that Obama/Jarrett/Biden/Harris don’t give a rat’s ass. What are the Republicans doing to help them?

  3. Were you under the impression that he cared? Liberal socialist don’t care about the people the use and abuse, do they have a blue check by their name they are just peons and beneath their notice. When the horror starts they will like always pretend total ignorance (they are) and a momentary show of pity.

  4. The US is very good at leaving allies behind who have/had done jobs as interpreters, kit carson scouts and so on to fend for themselves. That is one thing that the US is good at, betraying all those who have helped us.

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