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Progressive Caucus chair hails Biden agenda

It’s “full of progressive priorities,” said Rep. Pramila Jayapal, a Democrat from Washington state, of President Biden’s program.

She’s beaming with pride. The leftist agenda has taken full control of the Democratic Party.

And how come such people are never referred to as “extreme left wing,” in the way that conservatives are often call right-wing extremists?

2 thoughts on “Progressive Caucus chair hails Biden agenda”

  1. Of course they are beaming with pride. AOC was beaming with pride when she said the “infrastructure ” bill is, in effect, all about implementing her new green deal. Implementing extreme far left policies was the plan all along. Senile joe’s far left extremist handlers had senile joe run for president because they knew he was a professional in lying, misleading the American people by claiming to be a moderate, that he was not an extremist. These handlers are now in power; they are now using this power to implement their far left extremist agenda – by implementing the “squad’s” objectives and by appointing far left extremists to top Federal agencies. They are in total control including control over senile joe. Tragically for our country powerful entities are working with senile joe’s handlers, MSM, Big Tech, billionaires, the politically correct, the cancel culture, academics, the Hollywood elite and others fully support the agenda by biden’s far left extremist handlers.

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