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Photo of the Day || The Bidens visit with the Carters

President and Mrs. Biden traveled to Plains, Georgia Thursday to have a visit with Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter.

Amazing. The man was elected president nearly half a century ago.

Bidens and Carters

15 thoughts on “Photo of the Day || The Bidens visit with the Carters”

    1. Both of them certainly look wrinkled and shrivelled. I shouldn’t criticize, I’ll look like that in a few more years!

  1. fake and gay. not only are the carters half-scale, so is the furniture and the room. HEADLINE: bidens visit wax museum and don’t know difference.

    1. They longer I look at the photo, the less real it appears to be. I agree that the furniture and The Carter’s seems “off” in comparison to Joe and the “Doctor.” They aren’t wearing any masks either.

      1. I believe Lady made a very funny joke and poking fun at Joe. Biden is the same guy who wears a mask when he is alone, walking outside by himself, and on Zoom meeting with world leaders!

        1. Thanks, I was indeed being sarcastic. Joe wears his mask everywhere, despite being vaccinated, why not here.

      2. Considering Joe said it was patriotic to wear a mask, even after receiving the vaccine, I’m questioning HIS patriotism? I’m being sarcastic, and pointing out the Left’s hypocrisy.

  2. First, nice to see people smiling, without masks.
    Next, amazing the Carters are still with us. Never a fan, but still amazing.
    Finally, and excuse me, but when is JB taking his ventriloquist act on the road?

    This looks like Wayland Flowers and Madame.
    Or maybe Senor Wences.

    sorry, could not resist.

    1. The whole thing looks photoshopped. Probably done to make the public think he’s actually doing something…..he is destroying this country.

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