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Biden wants to spend six times what FDR did on the New Deal

President Biden’s proposed $6 trillion in spending is more than six times the $856 billion Franklin Delano Roosevelt spent on New Deal programs, according to Fox News.

The total includes about $1.9 trillion already signed into law for Covid relief and another $4 trillion in spending to expand cradle-to-grave federal support in the form of child care, free early education, and free community college. Among other steps toward full socialism. And, oh yeah, some money for roads.

So, if you were still wondering whether President Biden is governing as a radical and seeking to completely reorder our society . . . now you know.

How different would the agenda be, on any issue, if Alexandria Ocasio Cortez were elected president?

3 thoughts on “Biden wants to spend six times what FDR did on the New Deal”

  1. FDR’s $856 billion dollars is adjusted for inflation to today’s dollars. So senile biden’s $6 trillion in comparison to FDR’s is quite significant. This will be catastrophic for us as a nation when it comes to pay for that MASSIVE national debt. China and putin will be ecstatic when this happens.

    Also, I understand much of FDR’s dollars went to individuals who had to do real work in order to get the money, in other words, it was not welfare or free handouts like what the Demoncrats do today.

    I call senile biden Master Deceiver-in-Chief. He deceived, mislead, lied to the American people saying during the campaign that he was a “moderate”. This was a planned strategy to get him into office and once in office the AOCs would then be given full control. Fixing the election provided the insurance to get senile joe into office.

  2. JG… I disagree a lot of people knew but didn’t care about what would happen if Joe got elected. Now we who knew are seeing it come true!

    I’m sorry to say but a lot of people were more disappointed and believed what was being reported by the #fakenews about the lies about Trump!

    We won’t hear anything about the Joe and his hanger-ons aka his family from the media.

    1. I agree, George — a lot of us knew all along, and said so all along. No one in their right mind should have ever believed his “moderate” act during the campaign . . . the reality was always there in plain sight.

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