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Biden rescinds permit for Vets’ DC “Rolling Thunder” Memorial Day motorcycle tradition

The Department of Defense blamed Covid-19.

According to Fox News:

Rep. Brian Mast, R-Fla., blasted the Biden administration for rescinding a permit for a 30-plus years Memorial Day tradition for veterans that has always been staged in the Pentagon parking lot.

“Memorial Day traditions like Rolling to Remember have been granted permits by every administration, Democrat and Republican, for the past 30 years. The Biden Administration’s decision to end this Memorial Day tradition flies in the face of the freedoms that so many have died to protect,” Rep. Mast said in a statement to Fox News.

“We are blessed beyond words to be citizens of the greatest country on Earth and only live free thanks to the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice. But sadly right now, in Joe Biden’s America, it is easier to cross the border illegally than it is to get a permit to pay our respects to our nation’s fallen heroes.”

Pentagon Special Events confirmed AMVETS’ permit for Rolling to Remember on March 11 but later revoked the permit.

3 thoughts on “Biden rescinds permit for Vets’ DC “Rolling Thunder” Memorial Day motorcycle tradition”

  1. These idiots continue to use the “COVID Excuse” to implement their far left, twisted, dangerous ideology. They made use of COVID to hide Biden during the “campaign”, to loosen voting procedures in NOV to such a degree as to facilitate ballot fraud and manipulation and now this. But when it comes to riots, looting, destruction and deaths by far left ideologists, it’s a different story.

    These sick people had to prevent the Vets DC Memorial day motorcycle tradition from taking place for these motorcyclists represent values that are patriotic and respectful of our military, our heritage, our culture, our Constitution. This is anathema to the sick far left ideologists who are now, unfortunately, in control of our Federal Gov’t, therefore they had to stop it and they did. Not different from Communist China where anything contrary to official Party ideology is quenched!

    1. They use the excuse of Covid, but we know the real reason for rescinding Rolling Thunder is that these motorcyclists are true Patriots (who most likely did not vote for Joe).

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