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Video || Biden rambles incoherently about Amtrak

Some days he’s on, some days less so.

4 thoughts on “Video || Biden rambles incoherently about Amtrak”

  1. “Some days he’s on, some days less so”. I “ain’t no” expert on dementia but my feeling is that with time the number of days “on” will be going down while the number of days “off” will be going up. I am sure his handlers are keeping close track of this and, at some point, they will work with self-righteous pelosa to remove senile joe and get wicked witch of the West (CA) camel-a into the Oval Office.

    At the very end of President Trump’s first term, pelosa established the “25th Amendment Committee” whose purpose is, per pelosa, to remove any future president using the 25th amendment. So, they’ve already planned for this for they knew senile joe suffered from dementia and will probably not finish his first term.

  2. Hunter Biden served on the Board of Directors of Amtrak in 2006. Like Joe he worked in DC and rode the train home to Delaware. He got the job because of his last name. His main qualification was he rode the train a lot.

    They are letting Joe out of the basement too much.

  3. With JB’s apparent dementia issues, finding it very interesting that he has been going “home” to Delaware most weekends. Wondering if some type of medical treatment is being given in his home to keep him going without the prying eyes of the press knowing. JMHO.

    1. You’re probably correct, however his Delaware home is what he recognizes and that may help “recharge” his brain function.

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