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Video || Biden blames Trump for border crisis

I mean, it’s not a crisis, sorry. But whatever it is, it’s Donald Trump’s fault.

President Biden blames the horror on Trump’s failure to cooperate with Biden’s people during the transition, and for supposedly not planning for the “seasonal” flows of immigration.

These people are coming to the border because President Biden’s policy pronouncements convinced them they would be able to stay. Not because it’s the season to overflow the border like never before.

3 thoughts on “Video || Biden blames Trump for border crisis”

    1. Yes, he is liar. It’s a characteristic typically found in career, dishonest politicians, a characteristic where lying is an expected and acceptable way of life. And they lie without feeling remorse, shame or guilt. It’s sad. It’s also dangerous because when they gain power they will blatantly lie to the public to the detriment of the country. This is in contrast with Trump who was never in politics and therefore never had the opportunity (thank God) to be swept up into a political culture where outright lying is the norm. God bless Trump.

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