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Biden want’s to expand money-losing Amtrak with $80B taxpayer infusion

Amtrak loses billions of dollars. It’s trains arrive late. It’s way too expensive and adds to the deficit.

So of course, President Biden, who bragged about riding it to Washington every day to work from Wilmington, Delaware when he was in the Senate, wants more of it.

One reason we hadn’t heard before: Climate change! Less people in cars.

You can pretty much justify anything today by saying it will help stop climate change.

4 thoughts on “Biden want’s to expand money-losing Amtrak with $80B taxpayer infusion”

  1. Rail passenger service did okay until after World War 2. There were no suburbs to speak of. Just either city or country. People traveled from city center to city center. Cars were parked during the war due to shortages of gasoline and rubber. People had to car pool. The other revenue stream the rail had was carrying the mail.

    Passenger service went down hill with the growth of the suburbs. Also, the post office liked shipping the mail via truck when the Interstate was built. Much faster than rail.

    The long haul Amtrak is the part that will never make a profit. Maybe a company can make a city pair service work. For example Chicago to New York. Maybe the Washington to Boston link should be kept to take the strain off of the airports and airplanes.

    It is the same old thinking of the Democrats. If you throw enough money at something that will cure the problem.

    1. I agree with you Panama John when you say that Democrats believe throwing money will cure the problem. There’s a long track record which shows this does not work. LBJ threw huge amts to cure “poverty” in America. Poverty is just as bad if not worse today. Billions thrown into poor countries like Haiti have shown no change in poverty. Demoncrats now want to throw huge amts of dollars into central american countries to “cure” the flow of illegals to America. Somebody said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Yes, the Demoncrats are insane. Unfortunately, our children, grandchildren and our nation will pay a high price when the time comes to pay the massive debt that is being accumulated.

  2. Amtrak has a couple of baked-in problems that are going to take a lot of actual work to fix.

    The chicken or egg conundrum goes like this. Amtrak can’t make money, unless it’s viewed as serious transportation, like Greyhound or other inter-city bus services. But making it into serious transportation, would require government sized sums: no private investor has the kind of money to lose, that would get it to where it should be.

    Consider the cost of new rights of way, rolling stock, and service facilities for passengers, equipment, and crew. Now add in the rampant nimbyism that will inevitably, exponentially, increase the cost of all of the above. And that all would have to be sunk into the project, up front, before a single revenue passenger boards the maiden run. No private investor is going to fund that.

    And building a network out publicly, then turning it over to a private operator, only invites graft and nest-feathering. California high speed rail going national…yeah, that dog won’t hunt.

    And axing passenger rail entirely, is an even less appetizing option. Once they get rid of it, that’s it.

    It is a pickle, no doubt about it. But the absolutist solutions offered by both Democrats and Republicans–either a taxpayer funded money pit/graft machine/slush fund, or no more rail service ever–are equally untenable.

  3. Of course the commie/dems want more rail travel. then THEY can decide who goes where, and when. And, they have a nice neat record of every move a citizen makes. Hard to do that if everyone has access to an automobile. This, like so many other things, is all about control.

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