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Biden tries to say US not “racist” but somehow still has “systemic racism”

President Biden wants to have it both ways.

He wants to appease his leftist radical base by saying there is systemic racism in the country. But he doesn’t want to quite seem like he hates America as much as many of them do, so he also says America is not racist.

Here is the Cambridge Dictionary definition of systemic:

relating to or involving a whole system.

The WHOLE system. Sorry, Mr. President, you have accused America of being racist. Please own it.

Biden made the comment in an interview with NBC News after being asked about Sen. Tim Scott’s rebuttal to his address to Congress, in which Scott said America is not a racist country.

2 thoughts on “Biden tries to say US not “racist” but somehow still has “systemic racism””

  1. Poll numbers must have changed. As James Carville said, there’s nothing dumber than attacking white people if you want to win elections.

    Biden is fake, fake, fake.

    1. Teresa, you described biden as fake three times. You could have written fake 1000 times and it still wouldn’t describe the high level of his “fakeness”. Not only is he fake, he is also all the worst things one can think of a career, corrupt politician. In addition to “fake” there are tons of additional descriptive terms. A few (and I emphasize “few”) descriptive words would be words such as hypocritical, liar, dishonest, deceptive, etcetera, etcetera ad infinitum.

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