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Video || Biden spends 30 second looking for his mask and finds it in his pocket

The man is fully vaccinated, for goodness sake.

I mean, let’s act a little bit more like you’re the president. Forget the mask if you can’t find it.

7 thoughts on “Video || Biden spends 30 second looking for his mask and finds it in his pocket”

  1. Biden is a pathetic, has been, sick, pervert, corrupt human being that has lied all his life and as President made a fool of the people of America by kissing China’s ass and being in debt to their Supreme Fool who desires to control the USA.
    Damn Biden and the democrat idiots that refuse to think for themselves.

  2. Really sad, not just for him but especially for this country because ALL the world knows now that we have a leader who is pathetically weak.

  3. Sky News Australia on YT is not a conservative news organization but still manages to give some content to both sides. I’ve followed them for years. I keep wondering how some of their videos ripping on Biden are allowed on YT. Plus the Aussies have a more sophisticated sense of humor…. (I first saw this video on Sky News:)

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