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Trump would consider DeSantis as 2024 running mate

President Trump said Thursday he is “100%” considering a run for president in 2024 and that he might put popular Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on the ticket with him.

“He is a friend of mine. Certainly, Ron would be considered,” Trump told Maria Bartiromo during an interview on Fox Business.

“I endorsed Ron, and after I endorsed him, he took off like a rocket ship,” Trump said. “He’s done a great job as governor. A lot of people like that . . . they love that ticket.”

1 thought on “Trump would consider DeSantis as 2024 running mate”

  1. Many years ago, Mr K asked if we thought DJT would really run for the POTUS .
    I said “No, he wouldn’t want to give up his lifestyle….” (or something like that).
    I was wrong.
    I won’t make that mistake again, but…I doubt he would run again.

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