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Op-ed says Biden “extremism” definition will dangerously politicize the military

This is so dangerous. To start down a road that could involve weeding people out of the military based on their political beliefs. That is what police states do.

From an opinion piece for Fox News by Jason Beardsley, executive director of the Association of the United States Navy:

A DOD definition of “extremism” will be a political definition, one that fits the Biden administration’s political point of view.

Once DOD defines “extremism,” it will be compelled to decide which groups fit that definition and ban membership in them. Here’s where the real danger begins. This will set up an endless chore for DOD – choosing which groups are so bad that affiliation with them will be seen as incompatible with military service. But it’s worse than that – it will create a new battleground for political disputes that will directly harm prospective service members. The list of “extremist” groups will swing wildly as DOD changes hands from Republican to Democratic control, or Democratic to Republican control . . .

Morale, as usual, will suffer. By making this a priority, DOD is wandering further away from the military’s core mission, which is to defeat the enemy in combat. Rather than focusing on the outside threats to America, DOD runs the risk of making an enemy of millions of Americans who pledged to defend the country.

You can read the rest of the article here.

4 thoughts on “Op-ed says Biden “extremism” definition will dangerously politicize the military”

  1. I am a US Navy Veteran.

    I blame all this “Political Correctness-Wokeness-etc.” on the Flag Officers (Admirals & Generals) who commanded the US Military for the past 30+ years.
    Not one Admiral or General today (or past 30 years) has had the GUTS or BALLS to stand up, throw their Stars on the Secretary of Defense desk and retire…making a big public scene about crap like “extremism in the ranks”

  2. I agree, Rebekah. This is very dangerous. Just like our elite universities, the upper echelon of military colleges are totally politically correct. All liberal, all the time.

    Basically, conservatives should not join the military — too risky.

  3. What you describe is my greatest fear for our country. We no longer have objective military leaders, rather a bunch of emotional panderers.

  4. When the left, including Biden and the Defense Secretary, state that domestic extremism is the #1 national security threat, they are 1) lying; 2) weakening our military; 3) playing into the hands of our enemies including China and Iran.

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